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The Salty Saints 5th Annual Snowbird Oktoberfest Beard and Moustache Competition

August 18, 2018


Special Guest Judges:
1. Aaron Leff
2. Bert Martin
3. Greg Rittner
4. Chad Roberts
5. Jodi Mitnick

Aaron Leff

He hails from Northern California, and is immersed in the beard community both personally and professionally. Aaron Leff has been serving the community with grooming products as the owner of AJ’s Elixirs, and has been a Member of Sacramento's Moustache and Beard Social Club (MBSC) for four years, where he's served as the Public Relations Director during the past two.

He's had facial hair longer than he could grow a head of hair. That's 27 years under the brush, which explains the grey! Aaron has grown every shape and style imaginable over the years, with his favorite being his horseshoe mustache. His current beard is somewhere over six years old and has typically been worn as a groomed Verdi or Garibaldi. He's always a fan of a great styled mustache and styles whenever he has the time.

He started competing at Snowbird while on a family vacation. Greg Schoenwolf called him out of a crowd and convinced him to get onstage during the Salty Saints inaugural Snowbird competition. It's now an annual family favorite. So, Aaron has now been competing for 5 years. He's had the pleasure of taking a Hanes sponsored trip to New York, where he won 3rd place in Verdi at the Brooklyn Just For Men Nationals. In Verdi, Garibaldi, Groomed, and Full Beard Styled 'Stache categories, he has a growing collection of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies. There have also been many incredibly memorable comps leaving him with nothing but a smile and new friends.

As a former recipient, Aaron's personal charity of choice is the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He loves being part of so many amazing people who can enjoy life, and do so much good! Some of his other favorite things? His wife and daughters, backpacking, scuba diving, motorcycles, great pipes and cigars, single malt scotch, and the search and rescue teams who get him out of all the binds he finds himself in!

Aaron is really honored and excited to come back to his favorite venue, at one of his favorite competitions! He's helped judge small comps, and just got back from judging a competition in New Orleans. However, this one brings him full circle, and of all the judging tables, at all the competitions, in all the lands, he could not be more excited to see all the great facial hair, and help The Salty Saints during their 5th Annual!

Moustache and Beard Social Club, Sacramento, Califorinia

Bert Martin

Bert Martin!
Born in a hospital, at about the age of twelve I realized I was a Homo Sapien, and as a bonus was Hirsute. Joined the Navy after High School, which at that time allowed facial hair after Boot Camp. The Beard and I have been together Forty-Four years now. Longer than both my marriages, from overseas, bicycling from "Sea to Shining Sea", Virginia and now Idaho. Fortunate to work at places where Beards were allowed, in one form or another. 
To be asked to a be a judge at the Fifth Annual Snowbird Octoberfest Comp is an honor I never expected. For some reason I was thinking about comps, with planning for Boise and all, thinking on Judges and how difficult it really is. Wondering if I was even qualified to Judge if ever asked. The next day Greg asked, and if he believes I can, then I know I can. I promise to be as tactful as Judge Judy Sheindlin, as compassionate as Judge Joseph Dredd and as sober as Judge Landon Gillespie.

Boise Beardsmen

Greg Rittner

Greg Rittner also known as Realestache, is a Realtor and he also has a moustache. #supportstache
As the Immediate Past President of the Rocky Mountain Beard and Moustache Club and Star of two local, Fort Collins, CO TV commercials, Greg is a real Moustache Celebrity.
And as one, Greg has had the opportunity to have been:
3X Judge, City Star Brewing Movember Contest – Berthoud, CO
Judge, Verboten Brewing Movember Contest – Loveland, CO
Judge, 3rd Annual Rocky Mountain Beard Bout – Fort Collins, CO
Emergency Emcee, 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Beard Bout – Fort Collins, CO
Judge, Whisker Bent & Hell Bound V – Mesa, AZ
Emcee, 5th Annual Rocky Mountain Beard Bout – Fort Collins, CO
Greg's amazing moustache has helped him win some major awards such as:
3rd Place, Natural Moustache, 2nd Annual Boulder Beard & Moustache Competition – Boulder, CO
2nd Place, Sweetest Natural Moustache, Come and Shave It #9 – Austin, TX
3rd Place, Natural Moustache, 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Beard Bout – Fort Collins, CO
2nd Place, Natural Moustache, 3rd Annual Boulder Beard & Moustache Competition – Boulder, CO
3rd Place, Natural Mustache, Whisker Bent & Hell Bound III – Mesa, AZ
6th Place, Sweetest Natural Moustache, Come and Shave It #10 – Austin, TX
2nd Place, Natural Moustache, 3rd Annual Snowbird Oktoberfest Beard & Moustache Competition – Salt Lake City, UT
3rd Place, Natural Moustache, 2016 Great American Beard & Moustache Championships – Denver, CO
3rd Place, General Moustache, 4th Annual Boulder Beard & Moustache Competition – Boulder, CO
2nd Place, Chops, 4th Annual Rocky Mountain Beard Bout – Fort Collins, CO
1st Place, Natural Moustache, 4th Annual Snowbird Oktoberfest Beard & Moustache Competition – Salt Lake City, UT
21st Place, Natural Moustache, 2017 Remington Beard Boss World Beard & Moustache Championship – Austin, TX
1st Place, Natural Moustache, 5th Annual Boulder Beard & Moustache Competition – Boulder, CO

Rocky Mountain Beard and Moustache Club, Fort Collins, Colorado

Chad Roberts

Calling Virginia home, but born and raised on the West Coast, Chad Roberts has been participating in these fun, crazy events since 2011. After seven years of competing in Freestyle he's now in the high-risk pool of what doctors call "AquaNet Lung". Chad’s the President and founder of the RVA Beard League, and currently serves as a Vice President of the North American Competitive Beard & Mustache Association (NACBMA). With over 80 competitions under his belt on both sides of the judging table, he enjoys every opportunity to have a beer with friends from far-flung places. As a geology nerd, he’s more than happy to make his way back to one of the most amazing states in the U.S.

RVA Beard League, Richmond, Virginia

Jodi Mitnick

We are proud and excited to announce the last our five special guest judges!
Jodi Mitnick discovered bearding in 2011 and found a community that was open, warm & accepting of all. Over the last 7 years she has placed over 25 times, has 1 Best In Show, & judged over 20 different competitions. What she is most proud of is being part of community that has raised an enormous amount of money for local charities across the US and Canada. Jodi is the Whiskerina Supreme of The Garden State Beard & Mustache Society in New Jersey. When not fighting the “man” and preaching Girl Power to all, she loves to travel and hug everyone she meets. So, make sure you get a hug when you see her.

Garden State Beard and Moustache Society

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AUGUST 18, 2018

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